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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Girls On The Run

We are very proud to be associated with this wonderful group.  Matt Masluk (our Internet Director) and his wife, Allison, are very involved with Girls on the Run.

Girls on the Run's goal is to empower girls to:

  1. Have a strong sense of identity
  2. Successfully navigate the challenge of adolescence and adulthood
  3. Honor their voices by standing up for themselves and what they believe in
  4. Focus on their unique strengths and talents
  5. Recognize the power they have to impact their communities in a positive way
  6. Know the joy that comes from true friendship and real teamwork
  7. Celebrate their bodies through the completion of a 5k run/walk event

Girls on the Run inspires girls to choose life outside the "Girl Box."  The Girl Box is the place where many girls go around middle school when they begin to morph into what they think they should be instead of being who they really are. The messages of the Girl Box vary but the theme comes from a culture rooted in the belief that girls and women must conform to a set of standards that are often unattainable and dangerous to their health and well-being.

"You're not smart enough," "You're too smart," You're not thin enough," "You're too flat," "You're too loud," "You're not pretty enough" are a few well known Girl Box messages.

Girls on the Run educates and inspires third through eighth grade girls to stay true to themselves - to discover a life free of the Girl Box.

The next 5k run will be on Mother's Day - let's get the whole community involved! 

For more information you can go to