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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Child Safety

IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!  The children will be in the car more...

One of the most important jobs faced by a parent is to keep their child safe. By far the most common type of injury accident involving children are those that also involve motor vehicle collisions. Not using a child safety seat correctly is a contributing factor in more than half of the cases involving death. And let’s not forget how distracting children can be to the driver. 

According to NHTSA crash data, nearly 325 children are harmed daily due to accidents on our roads. Approximately 5% of total fatalities due to car accidents are children. Car accidents are also the leading cause of child disability nationwide (brain injury, paralysis, etc.).  Hispanics are likely to move their children out of car seats and booster seats earlier because car restraint use is not a cultural norm back home so some are unaware of the extra steps they can take to improve their child’s safety.

These statistics are intense so I am going to write a series of blogs on keeping your child safe while you are in your car.  Over the years our cars have become much safer but we still have to do our part.  It is very important to know which seat is best for your child and your vehicle. You also need to know how to install the restraint properly.  But, with so many different car seats on the market it’s no wonder that parents find this subject overwhelming.

I am going to use information from the US Department of Transportation, NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), American Academy of Pediatrics, IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and more.  I am going to include videos showing how to use car seats and booster seats. I am going to include locations where you can get your car seats inspected.  And I will answer (or direct you to the proper authority) any questions you direct to me.  This is going to be fun, educational and hopefully help keep our children safer.