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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We are very lucky to have great people in our Findlay Chevrolet family. I look forward to receiving input from all of them.  Today I received this from a very hard working person in our BDC Department and just had to share. Thanks for the kind words, Sabrina.


In today’s world, going to college is almost mandatory, naturally so is paying for it. Many college students work in fast food restaurants or clothing boutiques and make barely enough to cover that large college debt.  I am truly fortunate to not be one of these struggling college students. Working at Findlay Chevrolet allows me to work full time and be a full time student. Management is mindful of my changing school schedule and understands if I need to work a specific time on a specific day because of a mandatory class.  I work with an amazing group of people who are always looking out for me.

 Findlay Chevrolet is one giant family, and everyone treats each other as such. When you speak to someone, they don’t just hear you, but they actually listen and respond to what you are saying. Sometimes, on our 15 minute breaks, my fellow coworkers will help me study for an exam for class after work. Being a full time student/ employee is definitely not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but I couldn’t even fathom doing it if I was working anywhere other than Findlay Chevrolet.