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Thursday, December 5, 2013

FireFighters of Southern Nevada Kick Off Of the Burn Foundation's Annual Toy Drive

The FireFighters of Southern Nevada met here at Findlay Chevrolet today to kick off The Burn Foundation's Toy Drive. Miss Nevada was here, along with Santa Claus 

This is the 12th year for the toy drive and, unfortunately, the amount the children in need rises yearly.  Last year there were approximately 14,000 requests and already this year they have received over 20,000 requests.  That is a lot of needy children in Southern Nevada and those are only the ones that The Burn Foundation know of.  If you are looking to give back this year the Toy Drive is a great way to do it! Without your generosity many Southern Nevada children will be without a Christmas present this year.

The Toy Drive covers three weekends and is staffed by 300 volunteers.  Help us make a difference by donating a toy - we are filling up a Silverado with toys! The Burn Foundation is asking for new, unwrapped gifts appropriate for the ages of 0-16 and/or gift cards in $10 increments.  
1951 Restored Firetruck

Great Firetrucks from all over Southern Nevada

FireFighters of Southern Nevada with our GM, Jamaal McCoy, and Santa

A great start to filling up the Silverado with toys!

Santa, Warren Whitney (The Burn Foundation) and Hilary Billings (Miss Nevada United States 2013)

 Some of this year's recipients:
  1. The Boys and Girls Club
  2. Family to Family Resource Centers
  3. UMC Burn Center
  4. The Las Vegas Urban League
  5. Child Focus
  6. The Salvation Army
  7. Transition Services
  8. Candlelighters Childhood Cancer
  9. Children’s Center for Cancer
  10. Local Churches
  11. Local Schools
Bring your gift/toys in to help us fill up a Silverado - let us know.  You will receive a $10 Gift Card as a thank you for your generosity. One gift card per family but you are more than welcome to bring in more than one toy/gift!

Besides donating toys here at Findlay Chevrolet, there will be drop boxes at the following WalMart stores:  Arroyo Crossing, Decatur & N. 215, 95 & Centennial, Sunset & Marks..

For more information you can email Keith Armington or call him at 702.485.6820.